Single market


November 2023
Proposal for a Regulation on combating late payment – AFEP position paper
November 2023
Cooperation between national authorities to implement the GDPR – Afep’s position
November 2023
European Commission consultation on the application of the GDPR – Afep’s contribution
October 2023
Compulsory licensing for crisis management – AFEP Position Paper
June 2023
Job offer – EU Affairs Policy Advisor (Brussels)
April 2023
Liability for defective products – AFEP’s position on the proposal 
March 2023
AFEP’s contribution to the Commission’s consultation on late payments
September 2022
AFEP Position on the Data Act
April 2022
Commission’s consultation on a right to repair – AFEP’s contribution
February 2022
Review of the Notice on relevant market definition – AFEP contribution
January 2022
AFEP positions on the priorities of the French presidency of the Council of the EU
September 2021
AFEP Position – Revised Guidelines on State Aid for Climate, Energy and Environmental Aid (CEEAG)
June 2021
RDI State aids – European Commission’s consultation
June 2021
Digital Markets Act (DMA) – Position and proposals
June 2021
Digital Services Act (DSA) – Position and proposals
April 2021
Public consultation from the European Commission on the Review of the Communication on important projects of common European interest (IPCEI).
January 2021
Consultation of the European Commission – VBER Inception Impact Assessment
January 2021
Consultation of the EDPB – Measures that supplement data transfer tool to ensure compliance with the EU protection of personal data
December 2020
Consultation of the European Commission – standard contractual clauses (“SCC”) for the transfer of personal data to third countries
December 2020
European Commission’s call for contribution – Competition policy’s role in achieving the objectives of the Green Deal
October 2020
Consultation of the European Commission on relevant market definition – Detailed comments
September 2020
Consultation of the European Commission on a new competition tool
September 2020
Position on the revision of e-commerce directive in the context of the Digital Services Act
May 2020
AFEP position on the GDPR application report
January 2020
Collective Redress : AFEP’s position in view of the trialogues
July 2019
Adapt merger control to the challenges of globalisation
July 2018
Collective Redress Directive – AFEP Position
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