AFEP’s 10 Initiatives for an Attractive, Competitive and Sustainable Europe

- May 2019
The European Union enters this year into a new political cycle, with the election of the European Parliament, the new Commission and the President of the European Council. The French Association of Large Companies (AFEP), which represents 115 of largest French companies, is seizing this opportunity to propose its 10 priority initiatives for the next five years.  


  1. Enhance the European Territory’s Attractiveness to Encourage and Sustain Investment and Employment in Europe

Initiative 1: Ensure More Efficient and Stable Financing of the Real Economy in the Long Term

Initiative 2: Ensure That European and Foreign Investments Are Well Protected in the EU

Initiative 3: Take the Lead to Define the Tax Rules That Will Allow Europe to Be Attractive and Its Companies to Remain Competitive

Initiative 4: Modernise Corporate Reporting by Integrating Competitiveness Issues

Initiative 5: Preserve the Positive Contribution of Companies to Society, Without Replacing the States


  1. Act in Favour of European Economic Interests Beyond the Borders of the Union to Ensure a Level Playing Field With Our Major Economic Partners

Initiative 6: Better Defend European Interests in International Trade Relations

Initiative 7: Adapt Merger Control to the Challenges of Globalisation

Initiative 8: Build a European Union Tax Diplomacy to Better Defend European Companies


  1. Provide Companies With the Conditions for Them to Invest in Low-Carbon Technologies in Europe to Achieve the Revolution of Climate Neutrality by 2050, by Integrating All Related Policies, Including Environmental and Trade Policies

Initiative 9: Pass the Unprecedented Low-Carbon Investment “Wall”

Initiative 10: Remove Competition Distortions Outside the EU