Response of French companies to the EFRAG consultation

AFEP publishes, with Medef and Acteo, the response of companies to the draft European sustainability reporting standards submitted for public consultation by EFRAG (European Financial Reporting Advisory Group)

The companies consider that the projects do not meet, on many points, either the requirements of the future CSRD directive, or the needs of companies and investors, and lack prioritization and alignment with international standards. They fear that

the proposed standards, due to the level of detail of the information to be disclosed,

put European companies at a disadvantage compared to their international competitors. A real simplification and a hierarchisation of indicators are therefore necessary to make these projects useful and applicable.

An accompanying note summarizing the main messages from the companies
Responses to questionnaires 1 and 2 relating to the architecture, implementation, general content and prioritization of draft European reporting standards
Responses to questionnaire 3 relating to the detailed content of draft cross-cutting, environmental, social and governance standards