Priorities of large French companies for the European elections and the next Commission’s mandate

European elections : AFEP calls for a competitive reset in Europe



In a few weeks’ time, the citizens from the 27 countries of the European Union will elect their future representatives in the European Parliament. The ballot on 9 June is crucial, as many economic and green transition policies are decided at European level.  

With 8.5 million employees worldwide, including 4.5 million in Europe, large French companies, members of the French Association of Large Companies (Association française des entreprises privées – AFEP), express their unwavering support for the European integration, its values, its democratic institutions as well as its social and environmental model. 

AFEP is taking part in the debates, as the new European Parliament and College of Commissioners will face numerous challenges: the sluggish economic situation in the eurozone, the ongoing war in Ukraine and the escalating geopolitical tensions, the rise of extremism or the impact of global warming on our economies.  

 An additional threat is looming: the 27-member EU’s economy could stall compared to the United States and Asia over the years to come. Without awareness and swift actions, this risk could compromise the EU’s weight in the world as well as its political and social model. 

While external shocks such as the increase in energy prices or the aggressive policies of our main economic competitors may impact the current situation, Europe must overcome its internal shortcomings.  

The competitiveness gap is widening due to the limits of internal market integration, insufficient mobilisation of savings towards the greening of companies and innovation, administrative burden and compliance driving the twin transition rather than investment. These choices are radically opposed to those made by our main competitors already gaining impressive market shares in green technologies.  

A competitive reset must be undertaken to ensure that the EU remains in the race with the global giants and protects the European area of peace, democracy and shared prosperity built over the past 60 years, by capitalising on the continent’s many assets: its economic fabric, abundant savings, skilled workforce and R&D capabilities.  

AFEP proposes concrete measures to quickly implement this European reset focusing on 4 areas: 

  • a domestic reset: strengthen the EU’s internal competitiveness, in particular by boosting investment capacity through better channelling of savings, 
  • an external reset: strengthen the EU’s external position and its resilience towards third countries, particularly by securing supply chains through balanced trade agreements, 
  • a reset in the twin transition: prioritise the roll-out of green and digital technologies by supporting the ramp-up of European supply and adapting the Green Deal, 
  • an institutional reset: adapt institutions, procedures and policies for greater efficiency and agility. 

AFEP’s proposals for the European elections can be found below.