Commission’s consultation on a right to repair – AFEP’s contribution

AFEP responded to the Commission’s consultation on a right to repair in order to support more sustainable consumption.

AFEP companies have been working for years to put circular economy into practice, including by improving the repairability of their products.

They support a Europe-wide approach to promote the development of this repairability, and underline the following points:

  • They support incentive approaches, considering existing sectoral specificities, legal uncertainties, and the absence of a consolidated and intersectoral European indicator on the lifespan of consumer goods
  • Partly conditioning the repairability of a product, sector specificities must be taken into account (such as the concept and complexity of the product or the quality and availability of components),
  • They encourage European harmonization of the duration of the legal guarantee of conformity on repaired products, and the valorisation of the commercial guarantee
  • Integrating principles from the product design to increase their lifespan and facilitate their repair is essential. The revision of the eco-design directive is therefore welcome



Commission’s consultation - Right to repair - AFEP’s position
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