Work, employment and social protection

Promoting job creation while supporting technological change

In France, one in two employees in the private sector works in a large or intermediate sized company. As major players in the country’s economic dynamism, through AFEP, large companies put forward practical proposals for sustained employment growth.

Promoting job creation while supporting technological change is a priority for our country and AFEP’s members are highly motivated to achieve it. In order to develop, train and recruit staff, as well as adapt to their continually changing economic context, companies need security and predictability, in a business-friendly environment.

Julie Leroy
Director of Social Affairs

Julie Leroy joined AFEP in July 2017 as Director of Social Relations, in which role she is responsible for defending the interests of large companies in the areas of employment law, social protection and vocational training.

Julie Leroy has a Master’s in Advanced Studies (DEA) in employment law from the Université Panthéon-Sorbonne and holds a CAPA (legal practitioner’s certificate). She worked at the Paris Bar from 2001 to 2004, in a firm specialising in employment law, before joining the Unemployment Insurance department, where she was in charge of job centres, retraining assistance and unemployment benefit.

From 2016 until her arrival at AFEP, she was assigned to the UIMM as part of the negotiations relating to development of the metallurgy industry collective agreement.

Julie Leroy
Director of Social Affairs


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