AFEP publishes its 2019 monitoring
report on large
companies’ commitments
for a circular economy

AFEP launched in February 2017 the publication of 100 commitments in favour of a circular economy from 33 member companies, in the form of fact sheets. For the sake of both transparency and reliability, the association committed to monitoring this work annually, so to promote the dialogue between stakeholders and companies.

After the first publication of this monitoring in November 2018, AFEP publishes the 2019 edition (in French only).

102 commitments taken in 2017 and 2018 and 23 new commitments taken in 2019 are monitored. They were taken by 15 companies, of which 4 are new.

In total, 125 commitments from 37 companies active in 20 different sectors are monitored.

The commitments are covering all levers of the circular economy as defined by the French Environment and Energy Management Agency.

The working themes include the following: identification of renewable materials, development of the recyclability of plastics and the integration of recycled plastics in production, integration of recycled materials, reduction in the production of waste, reduction of food waste, reduction of packaging and improvement of their recyclability, development of chemical recycling, development of sorting platforms and demonstrators on value chains, improvement of recycling of building waste, development of eco-design of products for better environmental profile, lengthening of the duration period of products, increasing the sale of services instead of the sale of products, valorization of waste, in particular by energy recovery, etc.

  • 83% of the commitments target precise quantitative/qualitative objectives.
  • 86% of commitments are in progress and 13% are completed.
  • Among the commitments carried out, 92% of the objectives are achieved.

For both follow-up and transparency reasons, a new section has been integrated this year at the request of companies regarding the terms of validation of the 2019 monitoring.

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