Trade negotiations / June 2021

Climate-friendly policies and WTO  : webinar on GATT clauses regarding processes and production methods (PPM)

As the European Commission is heading to adopt its proposal on the establishment of a carbon border adjustment mechanism, Afep cosponsored, along with ICC France and S.Noël Legal office a webinar on 24 June 2021 on how to interpret GATT clauses on processes and production methods (PPM) when assessing the WTO compatibility of measures aiming to mitigate climate change or other environmental measures.

The webinar, moderated by the WTO deputy director-general, Jean-Marie Paugan, gathered Canada and Colombia ambassadors to the WTO, Stephen de Boer and Santagio Wills, the Geneva-based lawyer Stéphanie Noël and Total and Eurofer’representatives, Patrick de Decker and Adolfo Aleio to discuss to which extent PPM clauses allow for taking into account energy/environmental efficiency of production methods for product from different origin in what are the different options to provide WTO members and businesses with more legal certainty in the field of PPMs without trigger unjustified discrimination.

You can watch  or re-watch the webinar and comb through the key take-aways by clicking on the following links :

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