September 2022
Response of French companies to the EFRAG consultation
AFEP publishes, with Medef and Acteo, the response of companies to the draft European sustainability reporting standards submitted for public consultation by EFRAG (European Financial Reporting Advisory Group)
August 2022
Response of French companies to the ISSB consultation
AFEP responded, with Medef and Acteo, to the consultation of the ISSB (International Sustainability Standards Board) on its draft international sustainability reporting standards.
July 2022
Witholding taxes (WHT) – AFEP’s contribution to the European Commission’s consultation
AFEP responded to the European Commission's public consultation on a new European system to avoid double taxation and prevent tax abuse in the area of withholding taxes.
July 2022
AFEP response to the European Commission consultation on the functioning of the ESG ratings market
AFEP calls for the European Commission to launch a European legislative initiative to regulate the activity of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) rating agencies, imposing substantial organisational and transparency obligations, inspired by those applying to credit rating agencies and proxy advisers.
June 2022
Contribution from Afep to the SEC’s consultation on climate reporting
April 2022
ESAP Afep position
April 2022
Afep-DAI letter to Ms. McGuinness on the standardisation of EU sustainability reporting
April 2022
Contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the Listing Act
April 2022
Commission’s consultation on a right to repair – AFEP’s contribution
AFEP responded to the Commission's consultation on a right to repair in order to support more sustainable consumption
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