July 2020
Position on the EU climate ambition for 2030
Following the European Commission’s stakeholders consultation in view of the impact assessment on the EU climate ambition for 2030 , AFEP publishes its answers and additional comments to the Commission’s questionnaire
May 2020
AFEP position on the GDPR application report
AFEP answered to the European Commission’s public consultation on its roadmap for the report on the application of the general data protection regulation (GDPR), which will be made public by 25 May 2020.
April 2020
AFEP Position on the revision of the ETS State Aid Guideline
In view of the revision in June 2020 of the State Aid guidelines implementing the Directive on the emission trading scheme (EU ETS), AFEP shares its position on the draft submitted by the European Commission (DG Competition).
March 2020
Position on the revision of the non-financial information reporting directive
The Non-Financial Reporting Directive requires large companies to publish regular reports on the social and environmental impacts of their activities.
January 2020
Collective Redress : AFEP’s position in view of the trialogues
December 2019
AFEP publishes its 2019 monitoring report on large companies’ commitments for a circular economy
November 2019
Guiding companies to build their energy & climate scenarios: Report by The Shift Project for AFEP
November 2019
UK Strategic Reports: a gold standard for corporate reporting ?
October 2019
AFEP updated position on taxonomy