March 2019
For an efficient mechanism for investor-state dispute settlement within the EU
AFEP and Deutsches Aktieninstitut are deeply concerned as to negative consequences arising from the judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the Achmea case of 6 March 2018.
February 2019
French initiative on the relations between companies and non-financial rating agencies
This document presents a summary of the survey’s results and a set of recommendations aimed at improving the relations between companies and non-financial rating agencies.
October 2018
Afep position on the Action plan for sustainable finance
Corporates call on the European Union for a better involvement in all discussions and actions in the field of sustainable finance.
July 2018
Collective Redress Directive – AFEP Position
July 2018
Afep companies mobilise in support of biodiversity
As part of the Act4nature multi-stakeholder initiative, 30 AFEP companies have come together in support of biodiversity, with voluntary commitments put forward in July 2018. In total, 65 companies are involved in the initiative, all represented by their Directors.
June 2018
The AFEP-MEDEF Code 2018
Since 1995, AFEP and MEDEF have developed governance standards, to help listed companies improve their operations and management in full transparency , thus meeting the expectations of investors and the public. The latest revision of the Code took place in June 2018.
May 2018
United Nations Global Pact: AFEP reiterates its support
Two years after signing the United Nations Global Pact, AFEP has published its report on commitment to the ten principles in the field of human rights, the environment and anti-corruption measures. The report describes its actions and presents the results.
April 2018
Afep’s position on EU responses to US additional duties on imported steel and aluminium products.
French companies support the ongoing transatlantic dialogue with a view to avoiding a EU-US trade war. In the event safeguard measures would be taken, French companies invite the European Commission to take into account existing antidumping duties and to grant an exemption to steel and aluminium products imported from Turkey and the EEA countries. Potential rebalancing measures on US made products should minimise the negative impact for EU companies and be based on strictly economic reasoning.
March 2018
Contribution to ESMA consultation on technical standards regarding Prospectuses
Afep stresses the need for flexibility and to avoid additional costs in its answer to the consultation on the draft technical standard regarding key financial information, publication of prospectuses and supplements and advertisements.
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