February 2018
Climate risk analysis: How to improve its assessment? Study by The Shift Project think tank for AFEP
A crucial business risk with too many analysis methodologies
February 2018
« One Belt, One Road » : les nouvelles routes de la prospérité ?
Le présent flash s’intéresse à l’initiative « One Belt, One Road » lancée par la Chine : de quoi s’agit-il ? Quels en sont les enjeux, notamment économiques, pour le pays et le reste du monde ?
January 2018
Review of the European Supervisory Authorities
AFEP agrees that strengthening the supervision of European markets could help achieve better integration for certain cross-cutting activities and actors. But the key question is not whether the ESAs have sufficient powers but whether they make an efficient and relevant use of their powers.
November 2017
Recommendations from the Expert Group on Corporate Bonds
The expert group established by the European Commission and of which Afep is part makes 22 recommendations to improve corporate bonds markets.
July 2017
Contribution to ESMA consultation on the format, content and approval of Prospectuses
Afep stresses the need to give flexibility to companies in its answer to the consultation on Level 2 measures under the Prospectus Regulation regarding the format, content and approval of prospectuses.
June 2017
Afep’s position on the new antidumping methodology
Text concerned: Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Regulation (EU) No 2016/1036 on the protection against dumped imports from countries not members of the European Union and Regulation (EU) No 2016/1037 on protection against subsidized imports from countries not members of the European Union – COM (2016) 721 final Procedure: 2016/0351 (COD)
June 2017
Afep’s position on the multilateral investment court
This paper was prepared in the context of the public consultation from the European Commission aiming to gather views relating to the European Union’s policy on possible options for multilateral reform of investment dispute resolution, including the possible establishment of a permanent Multilateral Investment Court.
May 2017
EMIR Refit
Companies consider that it is essential to ensure financial stability and useful to establish rules aiming at preventing systemic risks linked to derivatives markets.
February 2017
2017 Prospectus survivor guide How to survive « Level 2 » measures
This short guide comes really handy for authorities and policymakers and includes really useful stuff focusing on the URD, secondary issuance prospectuses and the description of risk factors.
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