Guiding companies to build their energy & climate scenarios:
Report by The Shift Project for AFEP

Environment, climate and energy - November 2019

UK Strategic Reports: a gold standard for corporate reporting ?

Business Financing - November 2019

Large companies’s contribution to the french economy

Taxation - July 2019
Afep publishes the results of its annual survey confirming large companies’ importance in the French economy: 102 companies contribute to 14% of the added value created in France and hire 2.3 million employees (13% of the employees of the private sector).

European policy options for companies’ Due Diligence

Corporate Social Responsibility - June 2019
While being strongly committed to implementing CSR policies and due diligence practices through supply chains according to their values and international guidelines, large french companies believe that punitive legislation is neither an appropriate nor an efficient approach.



Trade negotiations - June 2019
In a context of increasing trade tensions and technological changes that deeply modify international trade, Afep made a survey on large French companies ‘ priorities for the update of the EU trade policy to be made at the beginning of the new European Parliament and Commission’s term.

The OECD’s work on the Digital Economy : gains or losses of tax revenue for European States?

Taxation - March 2019
The OECD’s work on the digitalisation of the economy is expected to remodel the ground principles governing international taxation. With the new system, large international companies would allocate part of their profits to market and to user jurisdictions, i.e. to consumption countries.

For an efficient mechanism for investor-state dispute settlement within the EU

Trade negotiations - March 2019
AFEP and Deutsches Aktieninstitut are deeply concerned as to negative consequences arising from the judgement of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in the Achmea case of 6 March 2018.

French initiative on the relations between companies and non-financial rating agencies

Corporate Social Responsibility - February 2019
This document presents a summary of the survey’s results and a set of recommendations aimed at improving the relations between companies and non-financial rating agencies.

Afep position on the Action plan for Sustainable Finance

Environment, climate and energy - October 2018
Corporates call on the European Union for a better involvement in all discussions and actions in the field of sustainable finance.